Bearings Blank Livonia City FC, 4-0

Photo by @tofer_robo

The West Michigan Bearings returned to action on Saturday night with a lot of momentum, posting a 3-0-1 record in their previous four matches. On Saturday, Livonia City FC travelled to West Michigan, and the Bearings continued their stellar performance.

Fast offense got the Bearings out to an early lead, and they never looked back in this 4-0 victory. Bobby McCaw opened the scoring with an early goal, giving the Bearings a 1-0 edge. This lead would be extended throughout the opening half, as Derek Braak and Isaac Braak each found the back of the net.

In the second half, the Bearings once again scored early. Carter Selvius struck the ball past the keeper for the team’s fourth goal of the evening, and the club cruised to victory.

This early insurmountable lead allowed the Bearings to give minutes to younger players, as well as pairing different lineups together on the senior club.

With the victory, the Bearings now sit at 6-3-3 in MWPL play. At 21 points, they are in third in the table, trailing Detroit City FC U23 (33) and Lansing Common (22).

There are two matches left in the club’s inaugural MWPL campaign. On July 24, they travel across town to face BiH (17 points). On July 31, the season concludes with a home match against the Michigan Stars (16 points).

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