Bearings Edge BiH in Grand Rapids Derby

Photo by @tofer_robo

The West Michigan Bearings are in their first season on the pitch, but a natural rival exists within the MWPL. BiH is another club located within Grand Rapids, and they serve as one of the club’s fiercest rivals.

This game means just a bit more, and you could sense that with Saturday’s crowd. After losing earlier in the year, the Bearings were looking to get revenge and shore up their position in the MWPL table.

It was a great game for the Bearings, as they emerged victorious 3-1. The first half was crucial, as the club got out to a two-goal lead. Bobby Mccaw and Ian Adams each scored within minutes of each other to give the Bearings a comfortable halftime lead.

In the second half, it was a back and forth game in terms of possession, and neither team was able to take control. Finally, with about five minutes to play, Mccaw struck again. He booted the ball from about 40 yards out toward the goal, and sandwiched it above the outstretched keeper but below the crossbar for the final goal of the evening.

With this victory, the Bearings have secured at least third place, an impressive feat in their inaugural campaign. Next weekend, the season concludes with a 1:00 PM home game against the Michigan Stars. This game will take place at South Christian. If the Bearings win, and Lansing Common fails to defeat Livonia City FC (either a draw or a loss), the Bearings could capture second place in the MWPL. Detroit City has already clinched the league title. Come out and support the club in their final game of the year!

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